Today I decided that i would start a blog..


Please bear with me you will have to put up with the dark text, I have always liked writing  in red for some strange reason but i know it offends some and is hard to read for others so i decided that this would have to do..Please also excuse any bad spelling and grammar  although i do hate it when people spell incorrectly I’m not exactly proof reading these blogs as time is going to be limited with all my other internet commitments :)

anyway on with the start of my blog….

Today is the start of the revamping of the front room The hall way is painted and floored now….. although there is still some gloss work to be done upstairs.

The big 6ft fish tank has been emptied and is ready to go to its new home, ive given the tank, base cupboard and top to a friend who is hopefully coming to get it tomorrow night. I really need the space..

the problem is it is so big and heavy that you cant move it once its full, which means we cant redecorate or put the new flooring down so the fish have been moved to a holding tank in the kitchen while we get rid of the huge one, and decorate.

The front room really needs doing since the central heating has been put in and the old fire place ripped out. not only have the walls got to be plastered, and the usual gloss work and papering and painting, the new laminate flooring needs laying as well. So the plan is to clear out as much clutter as possible…

Only as fast is I evict one huge item we are getting another… that will be explained at a later date.. (and No its not Allan lol)

Having spent the whole day tidying up with the exception of a trip to my sister in laws to drop off the money from an Anne Summers party Order ;) and collecting Alex from school I feel rather peeved that he has only been in a couple of hours and already trashed the place…


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