Usual Sunday…….. cook roast dinner … we had roast pork today……  grand prix and football…

we had a lovely meal out at the Weald of Kent restaurant  yesterday. Alex woke up with a migraine and was sick in the morning and at one point i wasn’t sure if we would  be able to go but  was feeling a lot better by the time it was time to go out and have lunch  with my auntie and uncle  so we decided to risk it… the boys behaved impeccably…

My posh Aunt was very impressed :roll: they ate all their meal sat beautifully at the tables etc. polite and well mannered

(ok between you and me we did bribe them to the hilt and promised them that on the way home we would stop in Asda’s and pick them both up a comic book but Auntie didn’t know that 😉  )

she hadnt met either of the boys before..  the last time I saw her was at my mums funeral and then Alex was being looked after by a friend….. I just think children and funerals dont go besides he was only little at the time.  still It was nice seeing her again…. she is the last remaining relative really on my mum’s side as she was my mum’s youngest sister… the original black sheep of the family before I more than took over the title lol  still very posh though



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