Is it winter again?

I have to confess I have turned the heating on again the last couple of days. its been really cold..

Alex off school today…….. kinda my mistake really… he’s had a sniffle and cough but not bad enough to keep him off school but today I over slept (another bad night so i didn’t get to sleep until late) anyway I didn’t wake up until nearly nine… I rushed in to get Alex up who preceded to have a major coughing fit and threw up…… problem solved   keep him off for the day 🙂

Ali on the other hand has been a little sod today, caught him drawing on the walls with a crayon upstairs…. yes the newly painted walls….  told him off and he stood there saying i didn’t do it……. and that’s after I had caught him red handed lol kids eh….

the Iggy’s Viv is looking quite good now still a bit of work to do on it but it’s coming together quite well..    other than that not much happening at all the last few days….. didn’t even leave the house today…



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