Ali and the Eye Clinic

Took Ali to the eye hospital today…. this is the major appointment and not just the 6 week check. this time it was for those nasty drops that sting like hell to be put in his eyes…. which i have to say he was amazing with…. he pulled a face then just tried to wipe his eyes…. and they gave him a teddy :) as far as the eye test went… good news and bad news…

The good news is the sight in his good eye has improved just a little the bad news is that the sight in his bad eye hasnt improved at all.

now they have given us a new prescription that is slightly weaker than his last one… they are talking about reducing it every 3 months so he has to use his bad eye more……  not sure how that works but hey they are the experts..

I finally got round to getting a new camera today. been meaning to for a while. In the end i didnt go for the cheaper one i was looking at before but went for a more expensive one a Kodak… just got to work out how to use all the functions on it now.   anyway took a pic of each of the boys.. although i have to say.. Alex was full of cold and ali was as grubby as can be after just stuffing his face lol


looking at them now they both look so grown up


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