Why Do Men always make such a mess when they are “Doing things”?

Here I am thinking yes Tuesday is here……….. Allan will be out all day    peace can be resumed in the household

nope… its pouring down he so he cant go…

the plan for a quiet day goes to pot..   instead he decided that he would rebuild the viv for ZZ  so it comes apart….. he needs to cut wood.. cant do it in the garden so does it in the front room…..

yes  you guessed it sawdust everywhere…..

then he decided to sand it down….  again in the front room….. now this sander has a bag you can attach to collect all the sawdust does he use it does he hell’s like  sawdust goes flying everywhere all over the carpet, furniture the lot…. im trying to put my hand over the bit where its flying from so it drops on the ground… oh its ok he says i’ll hoover it up..

the glass is stacked in the bath……  in the evening he paints the inside of it

work goes on with this viv all day……until he has to pick up another friend of ours called Andy from faversham and take him home to his place in minster……

while he is out i go on Facebook and notice that another friend of ours has commented on a pic someone else had posted.  its Alex’s god father whom i mentioned last week  the one where we had lost touch.  anyway i send him a message and friend request and he accepts and we get chatting….  apparently he has upset someone round this end of town and is as he says a wanted man.. anyway we have a nice chat and he promises to come over sometime and keep in touch he had, had a mini breakdown but was slowly getting his life back together.

Allan gets back.. we have dinner….. Front room stays a total mess…

kids go to bed……. we sit and watch some tv…….. i fall asleep ive not slept much in about a week now….. and its finally caught up with me…  i wake up and decide its time to go to bed… Night front room , Night mess…..


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