Well the day started off as usual for a Friday…. dad came round and we went shopping over the savacenter then went up to the restaurant to have lunch with Ali He loves his fish..

we got home i did my usual catch up on facebook and the forum then Andy came round and we were talking….. i decided to feed the Iggy and was hand feeding him some bits when a grape slipped out of my fingers  just as he was going to grab it with his mouth….. result two bitten fingers… lots of blood

mind you i cant blame him it wasn’t his fault and he has had cuddles since. and if he had meant to bite me my fingers wouldn’t be there   got to admit though it hurts like fuck :) mental note be more careful when hand feeding and typing is very slow im used to tapping away at the speed of knots but at the moment i can only type with one hand… wonder if i need a Tetanus shot lol the last time I had one was about errr maybe less than ten years ago just when i cut my hand on an opened tin in the bin….  should be ok then because dont they last for about ten years…


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