Lovely day NOT!

Ouch  well thanks to my stupidity of trying to feed a 4ft Iggy my flesh instead of his grapes I’m still in pain,

Allan put some steri strips on my fingers last night as a couple of the scratches if you can call them that are quite deep. been munching on pain killers but they are not helping……  it’s wet and horrible out at the moment…. cant see dad mowing the front lawn today  he asked Allan to move all the bags of ballast and horse shite to the back garden which he did so he can do it……. oh well lol

I bet here will still come over though..

well dad did come round  didn’t get the mowing done but he got the hanging baskets filled and up….. lol it’s like having my own personal gardener   i know the old man doesn’t have his own garden now so he has taken over ours.

I’ll just be glad when its all turfed and not looking like a tip although i know it’s work in progress but still would be nice to have a garden to sit out in and have a BBQ and for the kids to play in…

bloody hand still hurts and this one hand typing is really getting to me.. so much to say so long to type it lol

Andy came round today again  so at least had an adult to talk to once dad had gone home,  no doubt Allan will be on his 360 tonight so i can play on the PC  lol without getting moaned at


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