My Front room is now more of a mess than It usually is!!

Allan decided yesterday that because it was raining on and off he would start decorating the front room

So the pc and everything was boxed up and packed away while he started stripping walls… fine if he had cleared up after himself but no there was soggy wallpaper all over the place when he finished for the day at 10pm  still he got two walls done..  bet its ages before he starts stripping the other two.   so in the mean time im back on the lap top    arrrgghhh I hate laptops :(

anyway i have spent the whole morning inbetween trips to facebook and the forum lol clearing up all the mess…

fingers are feeling a lot better today… oh and i think Allan is scared of Iggy pmsl  when he went near the viv Iggy jumped up at the grill bit and scared the hell out of him…. shame eh lol 🙄


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