Big brave men……. NOT!!!!

I know i shouldn’t laugh but it seems Iggy has the ability to scare the hell out of both Allan and Andy… :) in all fairness to them though. it seems Iggy doesn’t like either of them  As soon as Allan gets in Iggy starts pacing up and down and if Allan goes near the Viv Iggy fly’s at the grill at him………

only drawback is he is not the most agile of reptiles and there is a lot of banging and clattering when he does,

Ive had to promise that i will only get him out when Allan isn’t there… as for the boys Iggy shows no interest in them what so ever, even when they look at him through the glass bit at the bottom.

I’m trying to convince both the menfolk that Iggy just wants some attention as when i go to the Viv he climbs on the mesh and pushes his belly right up to it for a belly tickle…..

neither of the men would dare do it as they have seen how fast he moves…

I’m just hoping that I’m right and he is just attention seeking otherwise there are going to be a few row’s I can see it coming

In fact it may be his downfall!


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