My boys growing up

Today i went to Alex’s School assembly he was a singing dancing spider 🙂

you know that proud lump that forms in your throat and tears  in your eye’s your you get when you watch your little one standing there in front of a hall full of people well i got that lump and the tears.  you would think that the amount of school plays and assemblies ive been to over the years that i would be used to it by now. but no it feels exactly like the first time every-time.  I’ve taken some pics not sure how well they will turn out but will try and upload them to the laptop when i can find the usb card reader….. I so miss my pc……

Time is flying past so quickly, It doesn’t seem five min’s since he was born.

To be honest it doesn’t feel like five mins since my first was born……. what happened to my life…….

Dont get me wrong, where my children are concerned i wouldn’t change a thing….. I have no regrets at all having them or choosing to have them.   ok my choice in father’s well one actually was not exactly one of my brightest moments..  but hey i paid for that mistake with 16 years of my life……. the only good thing that ever came out of my marriage was five beautiful children.

I have spent half my life thinking what if………  and where did i go wrong…    actually  i know where i went wrong so cancel that i guess its all karma really… payback…


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