The Garden or should I say work in progress?

When we moved in the house nearly six years ago the garden was nothing but a small patio by the house, grass and right at the end of the garden a load of rubbish and hard ground where they had been having bonfires. If there were any fairies they had up’d and left years ago!

The end was turned into a small veggie patch with the cold frame in the middle and a path round for the beds  and we bought a little 6ft shed which sat on the patio by the fence.

next thing picked up was a green house… this went at the bottom of the garden on the grass so he could still have his veg patch and huge compost heap he then started a flower and herb bed. this went from the edge of the patio on one side and a curved strip to a flower bed to half way down the garden. now i think this looked great.  we could sit on the grass on the patio set… no point in putting it on the patio as that rarely got any sun. we could see flowers herbs etc and best of  all Alex had lots of room to run on the grass and play…

then he got this plan in his mind…….. this was  were we lost the garden for a couple of years arrrgghhh

the first thing again was another shed a bigger one this time to house all the crap or should i say tools and everything he had acquired or been given when his step dad passed away .. this shed he put on the same side of the garden as the green house about half way down… so there was a 8ft gap between the greenhouse and shed which now left about a 20 ft gap between the shed on the patio and the big shed……. ok we will put a patio there and make up to the edge of the big shed…. nice area in the sun to put the table and chairs…   this took 6 months from start to finish  the garden was starting to look like a building site now……. plan two was make the veg patch at the bottom into a huge fruit cage  and extending the veg patch….  so up go loads of batons and the whole fruit cage was netted all over with a gate to stop the kids getting in there and eating everything as soon as it was ready. we have raspberries, gooseberry’s strawberries , black currents and god knows what else..

hmmmm nice area but no room now for the cold frame so that got brought out of the fruit cage and put at the end of the grassed bit so now we have a glass cold frame and greenhouse there…

his mum bought Alex a huge swing set which got put up on the grass next to the green house literally now taking up half the garden…….. the swing on this huge frame was put over the top because the first weekend the girls came to visit one of them was on it when Alex ran in front of it and got kicked right in the head… he was to little to actually play on the set himself.   this became the bane of my life every time he went in the garden you had to keep him away from them as he would climb up in the boat thing and fall off…

then major work started… all the fencing needed replacing  everything was brought to the middle of the garden on the grass…  so it looked like a dumping yard. there was wood, water butts ladders piles of bricks ballast you name it… end of the garden as we knew it… no longer could you sit out there or Alex play out there……..

eventually after 6 months the fencing was done.. building work continued.. he decided to move the small shed in the gap between the greenhouse and the big shed and build a concrete standing for it…… enter the cement mixer in the garden.. yes the middle of it…. oh and an incinerator to burn off all the rubbish again standing on what was the grass which was now mud where the grass had died off where everything was dumped on it…

next thing to come was a conservatory which got stacked up against the new fence until he could get round to putting it up..

this is how the garden was for the next 12 months..

by now Ali was two and had never been able to play in the garden unless he had wellies on and they were working out there either planting in the greenhouse or digging beds in the fruit cage.  then we have another set back he decided to stack the conservatory on the patio by the house.. upon moving it one of the glass panels broke or should i say shattered  only one side as it was double glazed so now we have glass everywhere as well. the other patio was where his tool bench thingy was so that took up all the space there.

it took weeks before the glass was cleared up … now we are getting close to present day… the weather was getting nicer and i kept moaning that we have two little boys who cant play out in the garden because it was a building site and dangerous and it wasnt fair on them.. so everything on the area that should be grass was cleared off and turf was ordered.  they decided to put 4 paving slabs in a square in the middle of the garden so when they wanted to burn off the garden rubbish the incinerator could stand on that….. ho hummm

the turf arrived Saturday night so bank holiday weekend lovely weather on the Sunday and here we are Allan and my dad grass laying


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