Lousy Sunday! Same thing week in week out… Sunday is the Evil Day!

I have to admit I’m not a fan of Sundays at the best of times,

for some reason Allan always seems to shout a lot and do his impression of  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde usually aimed at the kids but sometimes I seem to get in the firing line… 😡

It doesn’t help that my dad is around most of the day on Sunday as well as he comes for his roast dinner on Sunday,  problem is he comes about 9am in the morning and stays until tea time so we dont actually get much time together.  By we I mean Me, Allan and the boys , Just occasionally it would be nice to have some “Us” time without pater there…

This Sunday has got to have been the worst in ages…..

Ali woke us up very early wanting to play, i convinced him to come and have a cuddle and he got in our bed in the middle and went back to sleep so we all got an extra couple of  hours in bed.. get up and just about to make the tea when my dad arrives…

The menfolk plan for today was lay the new lawn…  Both dad and Allan had made a start last night when the turfs were delivered so it was a case of getting the rest done today.  roast dinner was planned for the evening so gardening could be done all day instead of  just in the morning what usually happens is we have roast at one and then being to full to do anymore :) thats it for the day

the next part of the plan was for just some sandwiches, cake, crisps at one when the grand prix actually started so it could be watched before gardening was resumed.

fine they got half the turfs down, i got sandwiches etc done and we sit down and have lunch.  and we watch the grand prix

now bearing in mind no one is allowed to breath when Arsenal are playing the formula one is “MY” thing and i like to watch the whole race!!

Now the one pain of the BBC taking it over is there is no adverts for me to go put the kettle on, check dinner, get kids drinks , cook, serve, eat dinner, have a pee or do any other thing anyone wants.

So  here I am, im trying to watch grand prix, kids stuffed faces and got bored.. the pc in the corner is taken apart at the moment while he is decorating so they cant go and play on that…I had emptied the toy box upstairs when i had a tidy up in the morning so no toys lying around to play with… what happens next they start to argue…..in the end both are screaming……who is the one thats is trying to watch tv yes me…. im the one missing the grand prix plus
having to get up and sort them out every five mins

Allan gets the strop and storms out into the garden. muttering something about might as well do that as he cant watch or hear the tv because of the kids……..  great boys follow him into the garden  dad and i watch the F1 :) all quiet until Ali comes in screaming and i mean screaming…… Alex comes in screaming and really upset…… they tell me daddy has throw Ali’s favourite ball  which i might add is one of these little material soft balls, about the size of a grapefruit over into next doors garden… picture this garden  no one has been out in it in the whole time we have lived here nearly 6 years and  hadnt been touched for a good two or three years before that  so its all weeds and brambles…

I go out to see whats happened and Allan is shouting his mouth off….. apparently ali was on the lawn part he had turfed playing with this ball,  ok you shouldn’t walk on turf when its being layed but they had already let the boys walk on it all morning because they (my dad and allan) said their weight wouldn’t make any difference…..   anyway Allan had shouted his mouth of at Ali and then taken the ball off him and thrown it over the fence……  then he starts shouting at me. i cant even remember what he was ranting about so i think to hell with you and told him next time he leaves anything in my way i’ll act as childish as him and throw his stuff over the fence…   Ali is sobbing by now really sobbing rubbing his eyes with grubby paws .. remember he has been out in the garden so then his eyes get red  he takes off his glasses…

finally Ali  calms down and the grand prix has finished wow i got to watch the last few laps in peace…. well done Jenson by the way :) Ali has the hump because he wants to go with them in the end he gets out because they leave the front door open.. Alex is out there was well, the lawn is finished in the back so they go out the front to do a few bits  Allan comes in stressed again because they keep trying to escape

time for a cup of tea……. we sit down.. Ali still rubbing eyes takes off his glasses again….. Alex was playing in the hallway we thought ali went with him. the next thing i see is ali at the top of the stairs and bump bang bang as he falls down the whole flight,  i have never moved so fast in my life both Allan and i got to him as he hit the bottom.  first good sign he screams his head off…… much better then lying there quiet and he wriggles and gets up. we check him all over… the only place he has hurt himself his his bum and his shoulder blades. he got carpet burns on them.. nothing else was banged or hurt… he told us where he hurt…… one very lucky escape when i think what could of happened i was the one shaking afterwards when i think of what could of happened to my baby.

by now Allan has chilled out a little…… we have dinner finally about 7pm by which point ali was tired didnt want his dinner and we getting humpy.. no good putting him in the bath now he could hardly keep his eyes open.  he lies down has a drink and falls asleep on the sofa…  Alex watches tv for a while, dad goes home……… Alex goes to bed…..

by which point i seriously need a drink lol  except I cant drink ive just started taking some anti biotics that we had a full course of because Allan hadnt taken any for an infected insect bite because it had started clearing up on its own…. anyway i decided yesterday to take them as my finger is really swollen and has gone infected where Iggy bit me a few days ago.. plus its really painful and the other scratches although they had healed a bit really really itch like an insect bite does so i figure i might as well take them… I knew it was infected as they had swollen up like sausages and there was a nice yellow glow going on there.. 😦

Now in all honestly i hate shouting….. i lived with someone who was always shouting someone who was always moaning and shouting and swearing at me and the kids.. (ironic really they do say history repeats itself ) anyway i try not to argue….. I think allan and i had been together four years before he raised his voice at me…  that i wont put up with… now i shout back…….

its when he gets stressed out at the kids for no reason that really gets to me,

ok i admit im very protective of my chic’s im the first to shout at them when they do something bad but hey i made them i can break them lol

but i dont shout at them for trivial things like Allan does.. “Every Sunday”

it’s days like today that i really wish i was single……..


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