Half-Term on a bank holiday monday…

It’s bank holiday Monday and tension is still running high after Evil Sunday

….. Allan is still in a foul mood and shouting at the kids over nothing and everything (no change there)…  the plan for the day was to go to the Kent garden show at detling showground..

we get ready in the morning and its grey outside….. after the beautiful weather yesterday it’s going to pour down today. Does that surprise you.. nah me either.

Sooo  Dad gets here and off we go…….  ok i admit flowers are really not my thing but if I have to choose something that goes in a garden apart from a table and chairs, umbrella and BBQ I would say  i like planters, patios, just grass etc If I had to choose flowers I would say  i like vivid red’s white’s blue’s and purple’s for flowers  im not a lover of yellow flowers or pink, orange anything like that.. my pet hates are geraniums and busy Lizzy’s

i dont know why but i really dont like them at all. They remind me of old grannys 🙄

walking round the garden show and i see some nice alpine plants i like,  that would of gone nice in some concrete planters i had that had been stacked behind the greenhouse when the building work started what feels like many years ago.

I mention to the men folk looking at plants like yes… you guessed it geraniums and busy Lizzy’s that i will get some alpines to go in said planters only to be told… “oh i gave all those away last year  they were not deep enough for anything really….”

anything but alpines that is …….. arrrgghhhh

evil 👿
so no  im not allowed to get any alpines  apparently  there is no where in the menfolk garden plan to put them…..

a few years ago i bought some nice bulbs and put them in the front garden… nice pom pom shaped flowers lovely dark purple and white.. you can tell i know sod all about gardening because i have no idea what they are called…. But where flowers are concerned which I have already mentioned I tend to dislike they were totally acceptable..

i see some more of these bulbs and say i would like to get some more to go in the front to go with the others that i planted and actually liked out the front.

oh we dug those out and last year when they had finished flowering and gave them away…… We were not that keen on them and they didnt fit in with the overall plan and look we want…

now by now im fuming…. everything i like is either given away or doesn’t fit in with their plan of what the garden will look like.   nearly £100 was spent on plants at the show… all horrible ones that i didnt like all pinks and peachy colours..

we get back and dad goes out the front garden……. and proceeded to dig a bigger flower bed in a semi circular shape by the front door…… this is the bit next to where the wheelie bin stands and also the bit where i walk through with the kids when we park out the front….. the drive way has not been done yet but the gap in the fence is there….. when the drive way is done this is right in the way of any path to be made to get to the frontdoor…  again im not happy like i said im not a flower bed lover but a thin strip was tolerable….. now we have this huge bed right in the way….

there is now only one plant left in the whole front garden and he says causally im going to dig that out and put a rose bush there……. like hell you are i say at this point… we have a rose bush with a yellow flower next to the water butt in the front garden. i dont like roses, In fact I HATE ROSES

i dont like yellow flowers but i tolerate this bush because the plan is it grows and can hide the water butt from view so to speak

more roses over my dead body….. so there we are ……. its my house……my garden and i have no say in it at all…..

im not allowed to plant anything i like…….. At this point Im starting to understand why children lie down on the ground and throw a tantrum when nothing goes their way..

well when it comes to the driveway being put in if i get the choice by houseing how its going to be i shall ask them to do the whole garden……. that way there will be no beds apart from under the window where the climbers like the passion flower and clematis grow then i will get some more planters and plant them up with things I LIKE!!!

so that is bank holiday monday…… shitty weather…… shitty moods…. Shitty day!!   The Evil Sunday in disguise


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