Mobile phone’s, Pc’s, the Internet Imagine what life would of been like If we had this stuff around when I was younger..

I was thinking the other day how we take these things for granted nowadays…..

Now if im honest I could live quite easily without a mobile phone, I hardly ever use mine and when i do want to take it out with me, usually when im driving It needs charging up,Turning on and then usually bleeps at me for ten mins with lots of texts and missed calls coming through… this happens on average about once a week.  I use a pay and go phone now for the pure reason i dont use it often enough to warrant paying a monthly contract bill nowadays…… i put about £10 once every 6 months or so and haven’t  never run out of credit in nearly two years.

see what I mean I hardly use it…

Now this wasn’t always the case… when i got my first mobile phone it was a very basic nokia. you made calls from it.

and not much else…….  funny thing is I only knew three other people who had mobile phones.. I paid I think £100 for it and was on contract with orange….

this was a huge bill coming in every month as i was using it all the time for talking total bollox if im honest lol.

As newer models came out I upgraded again paying a stupid amount for each phon. I changed network and went onto 121  and had a little phone well it was little at the time… now the problem was the reception in certain areas was rather dodgy to say the least.. in fact i couldn’t get a signal in my house at the time.  I had to go out in the garden to get any sort of signal at all.   Then the pay and go phones came out… yes i wasn’t paying a bill for something I couldn’t use 50% of the time…. I was interested in a car I had seen for sale and the person had left an email address… email whats that… how did i get one….

I went to buy a pc just to get my own email address… and the guy in the shop said about these new pay and go trium geo mobile phones… they had wap access to the Internet you could use them for sending emails as well as limited access to the Internet… WOW  sounded great… plus it only cost £70 and with that i got free weekend calls, a ten pound top up voucher and a £50 cash back voucher after having the phone for three months… and if i registered the phone I would also get £10 top up added to the credit so basically it was costing me (nothing)  i bought one striaght away… I never did get round to sending the email about the car as i had changed my mind about it…

I also found out that I had free wap internet access on this phone at the weekend as well as calls to landlines.  this was great.. i started to become an Internet addict from Friday at midnight to Sunday night… ok the internet was limited… the display on the phone only showed text but it was great… i became a surfer and google became my friend.  while surfing the net i found an offer for a trium mars direct from bt cellnet which was offering free unlimited internet access and unlimited texts  I had to have one….. I ordered it and off I went… i was making full use of the free texts i could hammer them out in seconds… i must of sent hundreds a day to people.  i even managed to get a lot of friends sim cards with the same unlimited wap/texts offer. so for £10 top up  a month we all had free texts and free internet. I could speed text without looking… my phone never left my side… it even came to bed with me. when i wasnt texting i was surfing…. i would look up anything and everything….. I actually wore out 6 mobile phone’s  keeping my sim card… then horror bt cellnet became o2  and they started restricting the texts to 600 a month   600 a month i was sending 600 a day to various friends.. but I still had free wap access.  I found some online sites that you could send free texts from so used that as well….   eventually the wap access was limited as well… by this time i was getting bored with it anyway… new phones were coming out all the time.. I got to the point where i had one just for calls again…   the one person i was texting the most i was now living with so it didnt matter much any more to text..

Allan  then got a phone on contract…. every year when he got his upgrade i would just get his phone unlocked (he was and still is with T mobile) I didnt see the point in me buying  a new phone…….. I hated the motorola phones so when he got the v600 I didnt even bother using it. well i did but only for the camera …  I know have a nokia N95 and yep you guessed it… as i started off saying never use it unless im out driving somewhere. i dont even bother taking it with me for the school run.

this brings me to the internet… The first time I went on a pc was at the library. One of my older kids had been given some homework and it needed some research.  I went to the library in search of some books and the librarian told me i could book the pc for an hour and google it..   ok i had experience of wap so thought fine.. she showed me how to work it and open a browser etc and i was off… i had the info i needed and printed off in less then half an hour..

after that i became a regular library goer just to use the internet  again google was my friend only this time i saw the whole picture..

When Allan and I got our house together we bought an old pc off a friend… I was on a quest to learn how to use everything about pc’s how to do all sorts of things.. Allan on the other hand was facinated on how they work so that was us.  he started up-grading the one we had and building others and i learnt more and more what i could do with a pc..

graphics are my favorite things but hey i use the internet for everything now from my weekly shop to buying off eBay to social networking on facebook, moderating on freecycle, chatting on forums. I have made web sites, web pages, created forums. just about everything now but im still learning stuff every day.. im slowly learning to write in html and bbcode..

Alex and Ali have their own pc’s and both are very pc literate  both can google and find things.. both know a lot of things… Alex surprised his teacher when he first started school as he changed the screen saver on the class pc with a banner saying alex going across the screen… he had personalised it like his own at home… ok she wasnt impressed but was impressed that he could do it… and had to ask him to change it back as she wasnt sure how to..  he does a lot of drawing  in paint and lots of other stuff… thats on top of playing his on line games.   the kids pc’s are locked right down so they cant find anything they shouldnt when they are searching but even so i like to be there just incase something slips through the net so to speak.  how different their childhood and teenage years are going to be to mine..

I often wonder what I would be like now if i had, had mobile phone when i was younger.  if i had , had the internet when i was abroad so i could of emailed friends, used web cams, talked to them over the internet…   The kids today especially the teenagers really dont know how lucky they are……

youth is wasted on the young..

I now wonder what things are going to be like in another twenty years…..  I know one thing I keep up todate on as much technology as I can…. I feel like a sponge. I love learning things…. and through the internet i have not only made contact with old friends, Ive made a lot of new friends…….A lot of whom i have now met (women and mums like myself i might add lol) and i have made some fantastic cyber friends..

I couldnt live without my Internet now

Im very much an insomniac so when everyone else is in bed and i cant sleep i can surf , play. and more…….

whats the saying I love my PC because my friends live in it…..


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