“The Finger” or as its now referred to in the house “Iggy Food”

For those who haven’t read previous posts, I was nibbled by the Iguana on the 15th of may   I was hand feeding him some grapes when just as he was about to take the grape it slipped out of my fingers and Iggy bite me instead of the grape… of course i did everything wrong and my immediate reaction was to pull away hence razor sharp teeth cutting in deeper.  your supposed to just cover their nose until they let go which i might add can actually take a while because they can hold their breath for a seemingly long time..


the rest of the bite marks seem to have healed but the top of one of my fingers is very infected. i have taken one course of antibiotics and used all the antiseptic creams etc…

the finger was very painful to move but lately its gone kinda numb..

numb that is until i knock it on something which i seem to do on a regular basis..

even putting the kids socks on and things like that can be agony…

Before anyone says anything no I haven’t been to the doctors or the hospital…

I really hate going its not a phobia as such but I just avoid it at all costs although im beginning to consider it now.

I’ve noticed that the colouring on my finger is rather red and the nail is getting discoloured as well.  its come to a head quite a few times and each time Allan has tried to draw (sorry TMI) the puss out and got loads.. however the next day its full again…

now im getting an expert at typing using the rest of the fingers except the sore one.  that just tends to stick out on its own lol

it’s quite funny as you cant see it clearly in the pictures but you can now see a mouth size bite marks scarring on my hand…. the wheelie clean lady commented on it when she came to collect the money last week.  she just said oh have you been bitten by a dog…..

errr nope it was my Iguana

The look of shock on her face was a picture 😆

anyway here are some pictures of the huge finger  and getting bigger by the day..  they don’t actually show how swollen it really is.


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