Fathers Day is looming


Allan asked me last night if i had made any plans for father’s day..

Eh WHAT???

he then said that if I hadn’t already bought anything can i get him the mick oldfield CD  now I just sat there and said why didn’t he download it and he said he wanted the cd in its case etc not downloaded onto his mp3 player.and its only about £10.

now at the moment money is tight for everyone.. the same here. and im thinking yes that reminds me I must pick up a card for MY dad…  get it a card…

he has never been one for wanting gifts on father’s day and always moans if I get him something and has already reminded me not to waste any money-getting him anything..

he hates commercialism if that is such a word lol

anyway back to Allan it didn’t dawn on me at the time but thinking back to mothers days in the past since I have been with Allan only once has he ever bought me a mother’s day card and that was last year about half way though the day when he detected I had the arse and suddenly remembered what day it is…

made some excuse to go over to the shop and came back with a card and a little box with 4 chocolates in it….

from the boys.. at which point all of the three men folk hovered around me while I opened the box…. yes all had one which left one chocolate…

and it wasnt very nice.. 😡

So back to now….. do I get him a card and his cd or do I get him a card and a little box of chocolates and tell him to share them like I had to…..

yes I know i sound bitter but it must be me and men

my ex never bought me anything at birthdays or Christmas until the first year we had been separated he then gave me a pair of trainers in a size to big…

which i passed onto my oldest son at the time. as they were mens trainers as well.

and since i have been with Allan yet again no birthday and Christmas presents….

now i have always made an effort and got him stuff not only from myself but from the kids as well.. one year on my birthday we went to maidstone….

i picked up a small box of toffefee’s (not sure how you spell that one) total cost £1.99 he picked up some other bits in the same shop and paid for all of them. it came to about £12

and then in another shop Allan bought himself a car radio for the Toyota he was using at the time…..

ok it was only a cheap one for twenty quid..

we got home and he started putting away the bits we had got , gave me the chocolates and said here you are have these for your birthday…. WHAT THE FUCK……. 😡

lets just say he is a very lucky man not to have spent the evening in A & E having a box of chocolates surgically removed!!

Do you think he will be getting his cd then 🙄 😆


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