Living with a hoarder now thats when Freecycle (now Freegle) had its use…

Where do I start  lets see

We moved into our house about 5 years ago..

ok the decoration wasn’t to my taste but hey it had been recently done and i had a three month old baby to care for and the week we moved in i ended up in hospital the day after we picked the keys up with an infected tumour in my neck so Allan bless him not only had to move everything in but take care of the baby as well, plus of course visit me :)

not to mention worry himself sick over said tumour as at the time we didn’t know if it was malignant or benign.

all we know was my lump in my neck was huge and i was going for the op to have a biopsy.. which went wrong and hence the infection….. 😦

anyway back to where i was….  the house didn’t need decorating so we didn’t worry about it  well there was one room the bathroom. that was just newly plastered walls and tiles…. money was tight.. when we moved into the house we had… a double bed given to us by a friend and a dresser, coffee table and rug that were my mums … a travel cot and a few baby bits   and a kettle….. yes folks that was our worldly goods

where i worked at the radio station someone had dumped a 3 piece suite outside that looked fine so i asked if we could have that  great no more sitting on floorboards with blankets on….   we were given the odd bit of furniture here and there and slowly things started to come together….. i got paid and went out and bought some bunk beds for the girls room. and then paid to get the front room, hall stairs and landing and the girls room carpeted in the cheapest cord carpet i could find… Allan’s mum found some old curtains and nets in her attic and gave us them.. we had curtains for the front room and the girls room.. but nets for the whole house ,we put a blanket up at our bedroom window….at least we had a little privacy

now in my previous life so to speak i have always been a hoarder so this bare look was new to me.  next Allan manages to get his cook books back from his ex alone with his bookcase…… we now have over 200 books   i got a catalogue and managed to order some wardrobes for our bedroom and some bedside cabinet’s . I was given a cot for Alex   so with the bits of off cuts from the carpet we made little rugs and hey presto we had a bedroom..  the front room consisted of a coffee table.. three piece suite  carpet and a welsh dresser in one of  the alcoves in which we put a small 14 inch TV that my mum gave us. we were using a little baby belling cooker that was loaned to us and the kettle for dinner…. have you ever boiled eggs in a kettle its easily done…  anyway another friend had a gas cooker which was green and the seal was going round the oven but hey it worked  we had a real cooker with an oven you could cook basic things in and 4 gas rings this was bliss.. again someone else we knew gave me an old fridge freezer…… great two months on and we have a kitchen.. I bought a secondhand washer / dryer for £30 out of the paper… no more hand washing baby clothes…

slowly week by week and month by month we picked up little bits we needed mainly for the kitchen.. plates etc  the pans i was using were replaced and we got everything we needed.

at Christmas we had been in the house 10 months. i was asked what i would like and i said furniture nothing special just cheap flat pack but at least we could have something that matched…. Allan wanted beech so with the money we were given by my mum and dad we bought a shelving unit…a little nest of tables and a coffee table. and a pc desk for the old pc that i was given….. hey we had a matching front room  bliss…….

Allan’s step dad passed away and he was given all his tools and garden stuff……. his mum had two of everything it was a thing his step dad had… always have a back up…. so we got the back ups..  Allan needed a shed for the garden we got the cheapest 6ft x 4ft shed…..  we picked the odd bits and pieces in the pound shop for ornaments etc  it was starting to look like a home and not a shell….

Allan bought a tin of paint and painted the bathroom.  that was the decorating done…

I didn’t have much time to be at home anyway… my dad wasn’t around and my mum needed a carer i became that full time carer  but sadly she passed away anyway when she passed away the house was going to be sold and the furniture and everything had to be cleared out… we got a microwave… dressing table, wardrobe, single bed and lots of other bits and pieces… ornaments… loads of my bits from the attic from when i was younger…

we  now  had “things” the minimalistic look was gone….

not to mention toys and lots and lots of them, that had accumulated from birthday and Christmas for Alex.

and his travel cot as a play pen in the front room…..

I got a carers allowance for looking after my mum and had saved some of it so we managed to get some more bits….

then i joined freecycle. what a god send that was….

the beech furniture we bought was falling to bits less than two years after we bought it so every time i saw something on freecycle in the mahogany i liked i would ask for it…

I was lucky i got a couple of wall units.

in the meantime the rest of my mums furniture that was stored in my bothers garage that i hadn’t wanted and my brother was getting fed up with taking up space i put on freecycle… we managed to clear my brothers garage in two weeks and had put over 600 offers on freecycle…

right down to her disability aids although we kept the wheelchair… and zimmer type frame shopping walker. they went up in the attic… you never know when they might come in handy..

our fridge freezer died  within a couple of days someone offered one on freecycle and hey presto we were lucky….  we got it…. as Alex grew out of most of his clothes and baby stuff i got rid of it on freecycle… all i kept was some precious outfits of his….  then what happens i find myself pregnant again….  a friend who i have known for many many years informs me she still had all the baby clothes that  I had given her when my older kids had grown out of them. a huge trunk full both girls and boys stuff….. so we got that back… i got another moses basket off freecycle and a few other bits i had to replace…..

i had paid up the catalogue by then so ordered a nice wide screen tv  we put the little portable on freecycle…. the kids already had tv’s video players and dvd players that had come from my mums

i was bored with the 3 piece so when i saw another one that would match better in the front room on freecycle  i asked for that got it and put our old one on there that was snapped up…

Allan was given a load of old PC stuff by a friend and started building his little pc workshop in the attic… he made a nice fast pc for me ok we had to buy new bits for it.. but that was sorted…..  he made the girls and Alex their own pc’s for their bedrooms….. bought more kitchen bits when he saw them… don’t forget his is a trained chef so collecting bits for the kitchen is his hobby…..  his mum gave us some shelves so they went up in the bedroom and more and more cook books filled them… along with all the books from my mum’s which had been boxed up in the attic

Ali was born…..  more and more bits crept into the house….  then Alex decided he wanted some fish as a pet.. i bought him A little fish tank with everything included filter light heater you name it….. filled it full of fish.. my dad then decided that he fancied having tropical fish again. he used to have then 30 years ago so he got a big tank… then it escalated  we ended up getting more and more tanks., one was over 6 ft long and 5ft high…  they took over the front room and the kitchen.. we even set up a marine tank which i have to say cost fortunes…… now ok i knew what i was doing with the tropical fish, what i could put together but when it came to marine fish i was a complete novice so ended up asking at our local aquatics shop what would be the best things.  it took weeks to set up from the live rock to cleaner shrimps for weeks before we could even add fish… we added fish and it was looking great for about 6 months… Alex then wanted a nemo fish so we bought one.  put it in the isolation tank for a few weeks all was fine. put it in the main tank and the bloody thing died and killed everything else in the tank after that i decided no more what with testing the water all the time and keeping it going i said no more marine fish…

we had ended up with over 8 tanks 5 of then big ones.. at Christmas there was no room for any decorations except a few ceiling ones The fish had taken over.. along with boxes of equipment, testing kits you name it.. more stuff….

in the meantime every time Allan’s mum had a clear out he would bring it home  no matter what it was  and yes it would be put away…. now the only place we have for storage is an attic and the small bedroom. when the girls came to visit they had to stay in our bedroom because the small room had now become a storage room even the entire contents of the airing cupboard are stacked in there as we lost that storage space in the cupboard when they put in the combi boiler .. even the garden was full of stuff.. bits of wood that may have a use…. he seems to think that everything will have a use eventually..

quite often i would freecycle stuff he had forgotten about but as fast as I’m getting rid of stuff he brings more in.

now i have always had lots of bits around me but this is getting silly now every available bit of space in the house was being taken over…..  we had gone from an empty shell of a house to a house that was bursting at the seams in a matter of a few years ….

now the clear out.. he starts doing the building in the garden and slowly the bits are being used. I convinced him to burn off all the bits of wood not needed in the garden , convinced him we didn’t need a huge garden umbrella with this side stand that practically covered the whole garden  we didn’t need 2 complete sets of garden furniture so i freecycled all the wooden stuff we had and left the wrought iron ones i liked :)

now the front room is being decorated. we are now down to two fish tanks as i had slowly dwindled them down and given them to friends etc i decide that the huge tank is taking up lots of space so when i was given another tank that’sviv in the front room. i convinced him we didn’t need the display cupboard that kept the booze in it and the computer desk that was huge could go upstairs… could he build me one in the alcove… so we now have the sofa’s a viv A Huge TV with a stand and a wall unit in the front room with a couple of  little end tables…. there is actually wall space free while the decorating is going on….. when its done i hope that we will have the whole space by the window clear.. only 4ft and fits on a stand i would get rid of the huge one . we needed it out the front room for when the flooring goes down anyway.. so at the moment the 4ft one  is in the garden waiting for when the front room is done.. the fish are in another tank in the kitchen on a stand and the little fish are in another tank in the kitchen on the counter top.. we have the big

The problem now is because we bought all the flooring to do the hallway and the front room at the same time. and can’t lay the flooring in the front room until the decorating is done we have that stacked up in our room, alone with a couple of spare viv’s boxed stuff from the wall unit so it can be moved while he decorates and now i cant get into the wardrobe’s to put clothes away so it’s stacked up in baskets our bedroom has become another storage area the kitchen has become a storage area and the hallway even has the big Chinese rug that was in the front room rolled up and halfway up the stairs ready to go up in the attic because i don’t want it down again in the front room but again he wont get rid of it..

i had strong words that enough was enough next time someone or his mum offer’s him anything they don’t want to say NO! there is no room left in the house..

sometimes i wish i could go back a few years to when we had hardly anything at least the place looked tidy then… i have to admit at the moment i have lost the will to live when it comes to tidying up because the place still looks like a dumping ground….And he is still bringing bits home  arrrrggghhh……..

in my next life im going for minimalist


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