Good Day – Bad Day

Today has been a day of mixed emotions to say the least…

I went out today with dad for our usual Friday shopping trip to choose the joint for Sunday and get the veg and desserts… he always comes to our house for dinner on a Sunday and nearly always chooses the meat we are having lol must admit he does have an eye for a good joint when it comes to choosing which leg of lamb etc  and today we had lunch out with Ali as well, who as always sat at the table in the cafe and ate every mouthful of his dinner and his banana afterwards… I don’t know where that kid puts it all.

The weather has been lovely and I’m certainly making the most of the ceiling fan thats up now…


the next job to do is the ceiling in the front room.

ok the fan should of been put up after it was painted but the electrician was booked ages ago.

i know we could of fitted it ourselves but housing want a qualified electrician to do the work and i have to have a certificate so £60 later the fan was fitted. will get on a bit with the decorating on

Andy came round this afternoon after I had picked up Alex from school and we had a chat but i have to admit i was facebook watching all the time he was here…  the reason being…

A very good cyber friend had her long awaited for twins today and im so very happy for her.

This woman is incredible she has yearned for a child for many many years and at the age of 50 her dream has finally come true and today like i said she gave birth to twins, a little boy and girl…   I have spent many hours talking to her over the last 7 odd months having had a twin pregnancy in common with her.

Now the reason for the bad day bit…

again the birth of the twins brought tears to my eyes, tears of happiness for Daisy that she has finally got her dream come true and her very only little family  and tears for myself because i miss my kids so much… It only seems yesterday that my twins were born… to make things worse its not that long ago that i found a baby picture of the twins…    not only do I miss them all, I have resigned myself that Ali will be my last child…  while i would of loved another baby a while back I’m not sure I would want one now….. Ali will be starting playgroup in September (he could of started last September but i wasn’t ready to let him go if im honest… I’m not sure i will be ready in September but I know I’m going to have to let him go. He keeps asking to go to school when we take Alex every day so I guess he will be ready for playgroup   I cant believe my  last baby is going to be three in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Where has the time gone…..

My Twins John and SarahMy Twins John and Sarah


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