A Strange Sad and Expensive week!

In the last week

It has cost us fortunes lol

The galaxy died on Allan so after a tow home by the RAC it was discovered the head gasket had gone… we called around and to fix it would cost about £500 so after a bit of debating we decided to see what other mpv’s were available for that kind of money…   we found a totota estima for £500 just needed taxing in very nice shape.. Allan has put a few dents on the galaxy and scratches and ruined the interior. filthy and trim missing etc so yes i agreed we would get the other car instead..  we buy it…. problem one  getting the insurance sorted  it’s an import…. my insurance co don’t insure it but the broker found another firm that would it cost a little more than the galaxy but at least it’s still fully comp.  sorted… now taxing it of course we couldn’t tax it until the cover note came.. now this is where the insurance co were fantastic… the cover note came the next morning so off i set to tax it… all sorted even sent the old tax back on the galaxy it only had one month so taxing would have been an expense we would have had to pay out for the galaxy anyway.   then getting rid of the galaxy… no if we had somewhere to store it I would have said sell it for spares or repairs…after all it’s not long since it cost us over a thousand to have the transmission re done and a new windscreen put in only a few weeks ago.  but we don’t so it had to go  so off it went to the metal breakers along with the metal climbing frames and a huge box of old hard drives and every other scrap bit of metal lying around :)

total result back £150  and then another £50 for the wheels and tyres so in actual fact the new one has cost us £300  so it did work out a lot cheaper than fixing the galaxy and we have a lovely looking mpv again (until Allan does something to it lol)

Allan also  fixed the knob on my car radio/cd player at long last..  that’s only taken him since last october when i bought my car to sort out… took all of five mins…

Ali has had a little bug not sure what it was he just had a day of not eating anything and his chest was really bad.. neither Allan or I got any sleep on sat night as we sat up watching him as he struggled to catch his breath and was coughing. thankfully i have his inhaler so managed to sort it out without a hospital visit ok once he was settled we decided to keep an eye on him anyway… managed to get him to eat something on Sunday even if it meant me going to the garage to get him his favourite cream cakes lol

I was thinking this morning that three years ago i was sitting in a panic… Allan had gone out and about 20 mins after he left my waters went… bearing in mind what has happened in the past with Michael and the fact that it was 3 weeks before his due date i was getting in rather a state… Allan rushed home, a friend baby sat Alex and we got up the hospital asap…. no signs of labour but because of my previous history they decided to keep me in…  it seems like yesterday now… I can’t believe that my baby will be three on 1st July,  then again I can’t believe that Daniel my oldest will be 24 tomorrow… this is the time of the year when depression really starts to hit me if im not care full.  I miss my son and i dread his birthday coming up… its another birthday i wont be around for another one ive missed.  that makes 6 or 7 now even that makes me sad that I cant remember the exact last birthday i could spend with him of course i could work it out but not actually remember….

Even my baby Ali’s birthday comes with sadness as it’s also my mum’s birthday he was born a year after she passed away on her birthday so while we celebrate Ali’s third birthday i cant help but feel sad that not only will he have never of met my mum it should be her birthday as well,  and on the 24th July not only is it my twins birthday who will be 23 its also the anniversary of my mum’s passing  so not looking forward to that either…  another two birthdays i will miss and i miss my mum…. hence my feeling down in the summer……. I try not to let it get at me and i don’t mention it to Allan now  I find the best way it to have a good cry when no one is around and no one knows how sorry im feeling for myself… i have to keep on, life has to go on… I have to be here for my boys..

And to top it off a crap end to a crap week last week Michael Jackson died…. and Farrah Fawcett while i did like Farrah and loved the film private Benjamin It’s the passing of MJ that has kind of shook me the most… I used to be a great fan when i was younger… hence my first son’s name Michael while Im not sure about the person he became and the wacko jacko stuff… there is no denying the man was an icon who had produced excellent music and was a great showman and dancer… it is a great loss not just to the music industry, entertainment industry but to millions and millions of fans world wide.  the only other person i can remember whose death  had such an impact on the world was Elvis

very sad news….


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