The Grandson I will never meet :(

I got news through a friend the other day that my oldest daughter had a son the other day of course they don’t know that i know this and if this friend ever got found out that she had passed this information on to me or sent me these pictures then no doubt this will be the last time I will ever hear anything again.

I feel devastated, gutted, and very sad, I have spent hours and hours in tears:(

but at the same time I’m so proud of my daughter  and happy for her.

None of these feelings make any sense to me at the moment.

I miss my kids so much but just having this one little glimpse into their life at least i know they are ok

well i know my daughters are.

I know i will never meet my grandson but at least i know what he looks like

now the strange thing is

My Mum was born July 1st 1934

My Son Ali was born July 1st 2006

And now my grandson River has been born July 1st 2009

maybe there is something in that… funny eh  a third generation of a family all being born on the same day.. And my daughter doesn’t even know this.

My two lovely little boys are uncles…. they don’t even know that they have older brothers and sisters.  I haven’t told them because I cant face the questions they may ask… I know one day when they get older I will have to explain but for now ignorance is bliss….

My Daughter Sarah holding her newborn son RiverMy Daughter Sarah holding her newborn son River

River born 1st July 2009River born 1st July 2009


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