Thoughts of Patricide ok I maybe Joking about the Patricide But!!!!!!!

He is driving me nuts… who you ask… the answer is My Dad.

Don’t get me

wrong I love him to bits but there are days when I really dont need him round the house just sitting th

ere in the way. or sitting out on the bench with the dog.

Today I wanted to have a blitz on the house. In all honesty with the boys being off we have been out a lot and have more important things to do than spend all day cleaning  so it had got a bit of a dumping ground for everything. instead of being put away. I had said that I was going to tidy up and dropped so many subtle hints its not true….

So… This morning my friend from a couple of doors up Jo took Alex to school and I thought right I can get on with things now. I had loads of stuff sorted but it was at that messier stage before it gets tidy stage and yep In walks the old man and plonks himself down in the arm chair I wa

s just going to move to clear out underneath..   some of Allans bits that were on the stairs I had stacked up against the back door. guess where he wanted to go  yep out in the garden  arrrggghhhh!!!  All stuff was moved and he went out there… and sat on the bench just playing with the dog..   i try and get on with things inside then he comes in..  I end up saying can he move as I want to do some bits and he decided he will go home, see you tomorrow he says… I remind him that it would be best to leave coming around tomorrow as its Ali’s first day of school is tomorrow so its going to be a hectic day trying to do some more tidying up, getting Alex to school, then coming home, later on after lunch taking Ali to school and then picking up Ali at 3pm and then getting Alex…  oh right he says so you dont want to pop to B&Q with me in the morning then.  err no I’m busy says I

right he says… going out the door… see you tomorrow.!!!!   AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!  Chances are very good he will come round in the morning… If not he will be sitting there when I get back from the school run with the boys…….


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