Great weekend or not?

Sorry I’m still on a downer, I feel like I’m doing nothing but moaning,   This weekend is the Renault world series of motoring at Silverstone.  I’ve had the tickets since June,  We went when it was at Donnington for a weekend and had a fantastic time, last year we missed it and this year I was determined to go even if it was just for the day.. and now that looks like its out the window,

One… funds very short and yes we still haven’t been paid back the £48… I managed to get petrol in my car and rake through the freezer so if we get it back it would cover our petrol for the day to Silverstone.. but as usual the one place I really want to go to I cant because I have done a favour for someone else  and its cost me and they haven’t turned up with the money.

I Originally ordered 8 tickets as well just in case my dad or one of the girls wanted to come..

Actually the more I think about it the more I’m Fuming now…


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