We Made it eventually.

Well he called Friday evening and said he only had £25 and that was all he had at the moment. hey it was better than nothing. and Yes after juggling finances around a little we made it to silverstone.  the kids loved it.. well the boys did anyway. I don’t think Tammy was that impressed but then she is bored with anything and all the time. Must be a teenager thing lol

I have made a good start on my Christmas present shopping now.  Although I have to say I have no idea what to get the boys  or Allan for that matter…. I’m not going to go mad this year and hopefully avoid anything that comes in 1000′s of pieces like meccano or Lego.. we are still picking up last years all the time,

Mind you before Christmas Is Birthdays and today the 22 Is Andrews Birthday.  you know what was weird is that I actually had to sit and think for a second to work out how old he was.  18  yet another milestone I will miss.. Happy Birthday son… I do think of you every day……..

After Andrews Birthday is Tamara’s we the important birthday anyway… in between is Allan’s  mums or has hers been you know I’m not sure and i don’t care ha ha

Alex’s birthday is the 21 of December. I do feel sorry for him having a birthday so close to Christmas. Oh and I almost forgot mine is in November.. OMG I will be 48    I’m not old……  but I will be making some life changes then…  More to be revealed later on lol

anyway Its 12.30am and I guess I should go to bed as I have to get Alex up and ready for school tomorrow…  Oh and one more thing.. I have been talking to Susan again  I did block her last year on fb because IMO she was messing with guys lives and not playing fair but she sent a friend request and a message and I have replied… lets hope I haven’t done the wrong thing.,


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