Fishy Tales

we have had numerous fish tanks ranging from 6ft by 5 ft with the stand right down to a diddy tank which is the hospital tank, we also had both tropical and marine fish, although we have had major problems with the marine tank after buying an infected fish, even though it was quarantined when we first got it and separated for a month it showed no sign of illness so i thought it was safe to put in the main tank, big mistake, we have lost over 10 fish now, using all the medications suggested but i have to admit should we lose the lot, I’m not going to rush out and get any more marine fish for a while, very pretty but hard work as its a lot of water testing etc. and the novelty has worn off with the boys now as their new Nemo killed the other fish lol We had to downsize on the tanks as they were taking over the house.. This is not a big house by any means and sharing it with over 500 other residents and their aquatic surroundings was not working.. besides him indoors decided that he wanted reptiles as well.


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