Home Alone!!

It’s a really weird feeling… Ali has started school…. He goes mornings at the moment but on the 18th October he will start full-time… I know he went to playgroup and he was gone longer than he is now but its different somehow.  And Yes I do miss him.  But I don’t have that empty buggy syndrome that I’ve always had in the past…   I feel relieved.. My baby has started school, My baby is growing up  and I don’t even feel guilty.. he is enjoying it so much..

Not a lot has been going on really, Debbie and I have started the secret santa again this year.. not many entered though but there were 30 altogether. plus  I have made a start on the Christmas shopping..  This year I’m going to be mega organised ha ha   I’m also not going to go mad..  The “Me” for the house,  present I want this year is a new table and chairs. but it will have to be the butterfly set again.. seen a nice chocolate-brown set with padded chairs but need to save up a bit first.

It was Tammy’s 14th  Birthday yesterday well the 4th we sent her off to school with lots of bits including a designer bag amongst other things oh and I made a cake…..  and we had a visit from Amber  honoured lol of course she wanted something ha ha .


My dad is driving me crazy… it seems every thing he does annoys me… and he seems to have no regard for anyone else.  He will park across drive ways…  (my pet hate) and oh boy does he stink… now I know he buys deodorants… I know He washes his clothes and I’m presuming he showers as he buys shower gel but how the hell do you tell him that he stinks the house out..    BO… should stand for Bugger Off….


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