you will never guess what…


We had a visitor last night.. Amberleigh came round with her friend and asked if she and Mary could stay the weekend of half term.  now Tammy has already said she only wants to come once a fortnight now. so back to how it used to be.. (think that is because I actually make her do her homework and because I shouted at her for letting the dog out) ha ha   so we have Tammy with us this weekend and Amber and Mary next weekend.   One day we will have the house and weekend to ourselves ha ha

Ali has started school now…  his first full time day is Monday the 18th but so far he loves it..  and so do I.. will appreciate it more though when he is gone for 6 hours.  will i miss my baby or will i thrive on having “me” time again … this having kids over a 26 yr time span is getting to me, for the first time in my life  I can honestly say I don’t want anymore kids.. how weird.

More good news… Allan has taken the theory test hazard test and some other one for the HGV driving and passed all three with flying colours. so he is now on his way to being a trucker… next stop is taking the driving course. which is booked in for November.. he has to do the lorry bigger than the 7.5 tonne first.. and then once he has passed that he is on his way to driving the artic’s .   I was a bit pissed off  though with Tammy. she has seen her dad with his head in the books for the last few weeks and when i text-ed her to say he had passed she didn’t even say a well done etc.. I am getting very fed up with this where are we going, what have you got me attitude she has.   she is on report all week for not behaving at school and still expects us to take her out this weekend to spend some of her birthday money well. sorry young lady but in this house it don’t work that way  you behave at school and you get treats or we go out somewhere. Now If I had my way she wouldn’t leave the house at all this weekend  the only problem is I have promised the boys that we will go looking up the park to see if there are any conkers around now, missed the boat a bit here as the conker season was early according to this link


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