Come on and do the Bump

I’m really pissed off today.  I trashed the car on the way to get Tammy for her weekend visit

Technically, legally and in theory it was my fault….. 😦

I was coming off the M2 at the Faversham exit on my way to pick Tammy up from school and the road (Faversham road for those who know the area) was clear in front we had both stopped.. the woman in front of me went to pull out into the clear road and then stopped dead WTF… still nothing coming so fuck knows why she stopped if it was manual i would say the stupid cow had hit the wrong pedal and hit the brake instead of the clutch
(erm been there done that in opposite. hit the clutch instead of the brake years and years ago in my defence though i was used to driving auto’s at the time)

result is no damage at all on her car but my headlight is poshed still lights up though lol and the bumper is bent a little . good whack with a hammer and the numberplate is cracked. Im fully comp but it will probably be better to fix it myself than claim as i would lose years worth of no claims bonus and by the time I’ve paid the excess it wouldn’t be worth it.. I’m just fuming as I’ve not hit anything in years and years.

The worse thing is the old cow will probably claim whiplash even though there wasn’t a mark on her car.. 😡

bang there will go my no claims bonus.  :(


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