A Brainiac Lives Here….Well Done Alex!!

I have resisted for as long as I can. I have resisted because I don’t want to be one of those mothers who brags about her children’s accomplishments, but alas, I guess am one of those mother’s

. I can’t fight it any more. Please forgive me, world.

We had the parent evening last night meeting Alex’s new teacher for the first time to discuss how he is getting on.. Ok I know her to talk to but this is the first discussion about his work in year 2

And Im so proud.  In her words His reading is up there with high school kids.. His maths is good, Infact she had nothing bad to say at all,  The only criticism she could come up with if she had to (again her words) is that If his handwriting was neater it would be better although its still  the neatest in her class it’s just that because he is so far ahead of the rest of the kids with everything else she would love to see his handwriting up there in the high school bracket as well but she is more than happy with his writing for a 6 yr old  . ha ha poor kid… high expectations.

I did warn her that I may be able to type over 120 words a min (yes I’ve been timed. years of typing for a living) My handwriting is atrocious and so is his fathers …

I am unreasonably proud of her.

Is that a sin?

Seriously you would look at anything I have written and it looks like a spider has dipped all its legs in ink and run across the page.

Ali is on full days at school now and this week wanted packed lunches the same as Alex.. wonder how long that will last.

We have a Tammy Free weekend this weekend.. but have Amber and Mary here

To be honest Tammy had a face like a smacked arse all weekend and was in a right strop.. all because she couldn’t have her own way…

next time she is here is Halloween weekend. (update she didn’t come Halloween weekend  probably because she had been in trouble at school again and I bet she know we would moan)


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