A while Later!!

I thought after all the rambling I had been doing lately I would leave it a while before I wrote again..  A few things have happened.  Allan went on his HGV course for the rigid and Failed :( £1400 down the loo.. He is taking it one more time this week.  he started today and has his test on Thursday.. fingers crossed he will pass this time as it’s the last shot at it.

speaking out the test and him failing last time i was a little peeved because we had told the girls he was doing it and in fact told Tamara she couldn’t come the weekend he started it as we had no means of getting her to school on the monday morning and the fact that he needed to study and relax the night before…   we didn’t even get a text asking how he did… if fact.. she has been on report at school for two weeks before the half term for walking out of class and being daft and again since they went back after half term she has had detentions and such for again walking out of class and swearing at the teachers…  To be honest now we have given up caring.. we wouldn’t take her out the weekend she did stay to spend her birthday money because of her behaviour at school but her mother still takes her to the pictures.   No wonder the child is thick as shite.. there is nothing wrong with her no matter what excuses her mother makes..   well I’m afraid her christmas list went right down, bearing in mind we have paid for these course’s, Allan has had two weeks driving so money is skint why should we spend fortunes on her for christmas when she can’t even behave at school.. Alex on the other hand is still doing fantastic.. to the point where we are treating him to his DS he wants so badly for his birthday.   plus I have most of the stuff they wanted for christmas organised… (fingers crossed everything from eBay gets here on time)   other than that its just get a bottle of something for my dad and a box of choc’s for my brother everyone else can sing!

My birthday at the beginning of the month was as usual a non event.  Not sure what hurt most not getting a card even from Allan  or the boys on his behalf even though he managed to buy himself a load of airfix models to make and ordered bits off eBay. or the fact that a certain other person didn’t even say a happy birthday to me :( Jo got me a lovely bunch of roses and my dad and brother got me a card  but it hurts to think I have 7 children walking this earth and not a card off them.. well Alex and Ali made me a card as such :-) but that was them and not something that Allan had got them to write in if you know what i mean.

Oh speaking of kids Apparently I’m a nan again my oldest son Daniel is a daddy again.last Sunday 14th November 4.19am weighing 7lb 5oz. and after calling their first daughter Angel. they have named this one Danny.. so I now have three grandchildren that I will probably never see or hold.  River, Angel and Danny.. :-( very bitter-sweet news  happy they are doing well sad that i wont see them and im not a part of their lives.

Christmas is approaching and while I’m dreading it because this is when the major depression kicks in I’m determined that this year its going to be great for the boys.. I have hopefully got what they wanted… bakugans, transformers, robots, dr who sonic screwdrivers, iron man 2 stuff.. Lego you name it haha with a little surprise package each on christmas eve.  I got toy story 3 today on dvd for them to watch and they loved it. but have also got them a couple of other christmas dvd’s to watch.  The girls I have got a bag each… Tammy had her designer bag for her birthday so I got her a normal bag but got Amber a paris hilton bag,  got Tammy some Kylie Pink Sparkle perfume and Amber some make up from Debenhams  and again got Tammy some purple glitter socks and Amber a golddigga t shirt.. and a little necklace each.. plus Tammy has a watch.. need to get Amber another little something.   Speaking of Amber she has stayed a few weekends.. one weekend with her friend Mary and another on her own.  she is no trouble at all. In fact a joy to have around she has grown up into such a lovely young lady.. x hopefully she is staying or at least visiting on boxing day with Mary…

December is going to be a busy month.. what with school parties.. school plays for both boys.. a trip to wingham bird park for the boys to see santa and the reindeer on the 4th december and on the 11th I’m taking to boys to Leeds castle to see that all decorated up for christmas x  Need to have a change around in the front room so we can get a tree up as well.

Anyway enough for now.. hopefully catch up again soon


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