Christmas is nearly here!

Wow time is really flying by now .. only a few days to go until the day when the big fat guy in red breaks into the house and actually leaves stuff instead of takes it… now there is a novelty!!

The boys had loads of things to do at school from parties to plays. I was very impressed at both the school plays but I secretly think Ali’s was better.. speaking of Ali to poor wee thing has a tummy bug the day of his party and I was called in to take extra clothes for him. He had had a few accidents and they ran out of clothes for him. poor thing was sitting there in a dressing gown.

I took the boys with Jo and Adam to Wingham Wildlife Park to see Santa and they loved it there., mental note must take them back again in the summer.

Yesterday was Alex’s birthday and I think we hit on the perfect present we got him a DS and he was so happy.  best present he has ever had  :)

Plus it was the lunar eclipse yesterday as well so a special day all round really.

Moon puts on spectacular show in first total lunar eclipse to coincide with Winter Solstice in almost 400 yearsRead more: 

I didn’t think he had seen it until he asked why the sky turned red later on.
Lets see what other news oh yes  Allan passed his test at last… Third time lucky. :-)
All the christmas shopping is done despite the snow at the beginning of the month and the last few days.. how great it would be if we had more before christmas. what we have is starting to melt now :(
Well I have all the presents. actually I was very well organised and had them all ages ago.. we have loads of decorations up this year .*first time in a long time as I have been baa humbug for years as I find Christmas a very depressing time and miss my oldest children very much* but this year I decided it was about time I made christmas special for the boys I have with me and Hell yes I am going to lol
Just looking forward to the big day now.. we have my dad coming for christmas day and dinner. and on Boxing day we have Dad and Tammy and Amber with her friend Mary.. as well as anyone else who may drop by lol

Wishing Everyone A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…   May 2011 be better than ever… I have a feeling after the last few years of turmoil it will be :)


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