The Reluctant Housewife More Like it!!

I’m more of a Reluctant Housewife really… I hate Housework, Love baking but cant stand everyday cooking…   Love spending time with my children and Hate the school run..

I have a philosophy in life .. A clean house is the sign of a bad mother or a broken computer!

This is my second blog my other one is more private really. I have moved a lot of the older posts over to this one though..

My new years resolutions for 2011 are..

(Take note that they may not actually start on New Years day.. More like some day in the New Year 2011)

Lose weight.. Especially after all the weight I gained after I gave up smoking last March (2010) wow take it from me that apart from having my kids has been the greatest accomplishment in my life.  I have given up before but never classed it as permanent where as this time I know I will never again smoke in my life.

spend more time on myself now the boys are getting older.. that includes, longer baths and more pampering 🙂

Get house Decorated.. and I mean the whole house not just the odd room that’s never finished..

Now Ali has started school In theory I will have 6 hour’s to myself a day to get on with certain goals I will set myself..

What they are yet I have no Idea!!


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