New Year New Start!!

I’m not entirely sure there’s anyone out there reading this drivel any more. To be honest, I kind of lost interest for a while hence the  near year long break before Ali started school last September.

I wasn’t sure if I had grown out of the whole blogging thing or if I was going through yet another “can’t be bothered” phase or if I was just having my millionth mind block since I started this here blog.

I still don’t know, but I thought I’d come back and see if I could write more or have I written to much?

Anyway I have a thing that I had so I would remember certain events going so that I could at least cross it off my never ending To Do list.

I see some peoples blogs and thing My God they have written more in a couple of months than I have since I started blogging in May 2009.

Anyway If I am going to try and make a new years resolution to myself its to keep this blog up to date and also I am going to keep a photo Diary of my kids every month..

So in years to come I can see how the boys have changed.

Will I be able to continue keeping the blog up to date… I hope so but I have no idea… time will tell…

But like I said…New Year… New Start…



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