I really am just plain lazy!!

It may not have escaped your notice that I have been a tad slack of late when it comes to doing anything here. I try to tell myself that it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy with all that life has thrown at me, but really it’s not true. I am no longer so involved with Freegle in as much as I spend less time on it but still get my moderating done.. they just have to wait for a few hours now instead of me checking every five mins , I’ve had time to drink inordinate amounts of gin, tequila, vodka and wine over christmas, and I’ve even had time to sleep for 6 hours straight. Hey im an insomniac  to me that is the equivalent of you having 18 hours.
So really, the only reason I can honestly throw your way for my lack of posting is the fact I really am just plain lazy.

And you know what? I’m totally fine with that. Well, not totally but I’m fine enough with it that I don’t feel the need to go find myself a piece of barbed wire and give myself 80 lashings. Self flagellation was never my thing. Self pleasure maybe (sorry family) but never self flagellation.

You see folks, I am a major procrastinator. And I now see it coming out in my children. I’m really not overly surprised when I ask them to clean their rooms or some other mundane chore, only to find that three hours later it still hasn’t been done. Because really, who wants to be cleaning their room when Ben-freakin’-10 is on TV or JLS are playing away on his Mp3 player and Alex is swinging his hips and acting like a tool? Well, I know which I’d prefer


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