Dedicated Follower of Fashion!

I am far-sighted, near sighted.. bad sighted what ever you prefer and I am vain.

Which means I don’t always take my  reading glasses when I’m out, which means anything you ask me to read to you may appear a blur to me from 10 inches or less away (depending  on the size of the text ) when viewed with my naked eye. It also means that if I receive a text that I may not be able to read or reply to it.. But rest assured, I have good but not perfect vision for all things an average distance away Stand further than 3 or 4 feet of me, and I won’t miss a mole or a wink, should you generously aim one my way further than that and I have my distance glasses. Its quite funny. I joke that I dont need glasses to drive.. (Verified) but I do need them to see most everything else  *clearly* when it comes to distance.
It is strange really, While I always wear my reading glasses indoors Ok let me re-phrase that.. Most of the time I am on the PC or Baking and looking at recipe books so actually Need my reading glasses on… I never or hardly ever wear my distance glasses at home… But I do tend or should I say did tend to wear them out.. I usually go for wire frames and reaction lenses.. hence my wearing them out.. they double up as sunglasses and I can read anything that inst minute so they come in handy. Bifocals are not in my vocabulary. Neither is verifocals or contacts. Can you call me a stuper (short for a noticeably stupid person?) I’m afraid so.
The height of my stupidity is the fact that after wearing metal frame glasses for years and I guess if you had to wear glasses they suit me..

So Do I go for the same thing this time… NO!! Doh!! 😳  I in my infinite wisdom decided to be a dedicated follower of fashion and get some of the thick, plastic rectangular glasses  even more trendy I went for some in Reddish purple to match my Reddish Purple hair.. (Am presently going through a mid life crisis or so I’m told)
and No these glasses not only don’t suit me.. I am also struggling to see past the thick plastic frames.. UUUrrrggghhhh!!

“Should of gone to Specsavers” I hear you whisper… Well Actually I did…  😡

The Problem is and having paid nearly £200 including the lenses for the privilege of having a pair of glasses that I doubt I will ever wear the strange thick red rectangle trendy frames…. Indoors or Out..
Thankfully I only had this moment of madness with my distance glasses and not my reading glasses…


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