Remarkable Powers of Restraint

In the world of being a parent, there are few things that can affect me as much as something or someone hurting my children. Since the day they were born, thoughts of how to protect them and keep them safe have been foremost in my mind. With that said though, I have never been the type to overprotect them, preferring instead to give them the freedom they need to explore the world around them and how they fit into it. This was much easier before they started school. The emotional hurts were kept to a minimum and the physical hurts were mostly developmental. Any that couldn’t be put down to development (or lack thereof) could be put down to parental laziness. Yeah that’s right, we aren’t always the most diligent of parents and things have happened. The boys have fallen backwards off of slide ladders and walls and benches more times than I can count, down like a plank, and Ali with his lack of perfect vision continues to crack his head on something on a monthly basis….often because one or both of us has been deep into and incredibly important conversation and haven’t noticed the woman marching down the high street with her shopping bags waving around or at school a child hurtling across the playground at breakneck (or head) speed.

While fixing the physical damage is relatively easy, albeit painful, the emotional hurts can often be harder to repair. As adults, we have the benefit of hindsight. I can, grudgingly, look back and realise that perhaps my mother was right about Vicki (my mate whom my Mother hated . Turns out Vicki was indeed a tramp. Who would have guessed just by looking at her in her low cut tops, mini skirts and 2 inch thick make up? I can see that I should have paid more attention in school and been nicer to some people along the way. I can also see how my actions and words had an impact on various people growing up. And as such, I can attempt to teach my children the value of thinking before they speak (something I still struggle with), and that bullying royally sucks.

Each of my kids has a strong personality (origins unknown) and honestly I was more worried about them being the bully, and less about them being on the receiving end.

Especially Alex as he has an air about him.. He likes to be in charge.. Actually He is a little know it all. Always telling people when they are wrong.. Attidude boy I call him… Thing is *and never tell him I said this* He is usually right!!

And then there is Ali My own little Milhouse  (Re Simpsons) The kid with the thick glasses and the Asthma pump…  The only difference is Ali can kick shite out of anyone who dares call him a name and regularly decks Alex and reduces him to tears..

Imagine my surprise then, when Alex informed me that a couple of the older boys in school had been “being mean” to him. Well, colour me stupid and stick a feather up my nose, but I thought when he said “being mean” that they just didn’t want to play with him. After all, they are in year 5 and 6 (their classes are in the floor above his) Bearing in mind my baby is year 2.. Oh no, for these boys, not playing with him would be too simple. Instead they decided to step it up a bit.

TBO aka Allan my other half is currently admiring my powers of self restraint for not tracking down the two little bastards and smacking their heads together before selling them to some slave driver in Kutmahbur, Nowhereland.

These gems of the male species decided that preventing a 7 year old from getting to a bathroom would be a laugh riot. I’ll be the first to admit that if TBO was unable to get to a bathroom and peed his pants, that I would be rolling on the floor. But when it’s a 7 year old who very nearly has an accident because of these bastards it’s a little different.

They have called him fat (he’s not), told him that his clothes look funny (I object as they all wear the same uniform except he usually has black school trousers ), that his hair looks silly (it might have before christmas as we had to shave it all off.. grade 2 because he had been playing hairdressers with Adam ) but it has grown back to his usual style now and called him various other names. Most recently, they tracked him down at lunchtime and made him give them his snack bar out of his packed lunch.

To me, that’s the equivalent of “gimme your milk money or die” from back in the day.

Much as I would love to drop the little buggers off the nearest bridge or tar and feather them, I resorted instead to involving school staff.

I swear I’ve spent more time in the head teachers office of various schools with all my kids as a parent than I ever did in school, and that’s saying a lot. I was certainly NOT a model student.

However this is my first time with either Alex or Ali.. I have had a break from all this for nearly 10 years.. In fact the last time I saw any head teacher was with Daniel my oldest.. for picking his nose and flicking the results at another pupil !!!

Apparently a very serious offence in the eyes of Mr Walker and subject to penalty by death.. ok exclusion for two days..  But I think if he (Mr Walker) had of had his way there would of been execution row at the back of the school… Needless to say I wasn’t very sympathetic with his disgust at my son.. I was wondering why the hell he had called me up at 2pm and demanded I get to the school  immediately.

Anyway I digress  back to 2011…

It baffles me to this day why some children feel that they can treat others this way. These are the same children that grow up into the jackasses we work with. The parents of these little gems? “Oh, I don’t know, my son/daughter would never do that. I think YOUR child must have made it up”.

Lady, consider my restraint when I tell merely that you are a T-O-O-L and that your son/daughter did indeed do those things. Consider yourself lucky I haven’t drop kicked you yet. I have been known to pin people up the wall and punch hell out of them for less when it comes to protecting my chick’s

And to my children….when you’re older and  if you read this, if you EVER treat anyone like the way these boys  did you, I’ll rip you a new one.

Now….I’m off to anger management 🙂


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