Bedtime… “His n Hers” will it ever be Our’s

We like to stay up late here on the Funny Farm. It’s a bad habit, I know. Especially when the man of the house has to get up at 5:30 am

but  in all honestly I sleep on average about 4 hours a night where Allan could sleep for England,

So last night After me having suffered that Migraine for a couple of days and at one point sleeping about 16 of the last 24 hours.

Tonight I suggested that he and I go to bed early. It was 10pm. We both had a few things to finish up before the evening was done, and I winked at him and said, “I’ll meet you in the bedroom at 10:30.” He grinned, arched his eyebrows, and said, “awright!”

So I headed toward the kitchen. To load the dishwasher and let the dog out.
One thing led to another and bearing in mind I am not the domestic goddess I thought it would make a change that we could both get up in the morning and drink our tea and coffee respectivly from a table not covered in clutter.. well actually from mugs from the table.. oh hell you know what I mean..
Anyway when I had finished I went upstairs.
I opened the door to the bedroom, and my eyes met darkness. Allan had turned off the light and gone to sleep. It was just after 11pm. The romance would have to wait for at least another day.
Sigh. At least Allan got to bed earlier than usual.


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