30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 1

Day 1- A recent picture of you and 30 interesting facts about yourself

Oh Crap I’m stuck at the first one on the list, I can tell now this is going to be hard work 🙄
lets see 30 interesting facts about Moi!!
Maybe I need to look at this from a different point.. I will write 30 facts about me,  I very much doubt you will find them interesting.

OK here we go!!

1. I was born in Beirut.. once a beautiful country so I’m told.. now war-torn and ruined!

2. I was the only girl to be born into the Wilkinson side (paternal) of the family for 500 years…

The Irony is that  considering it was a totally male child family to carry on the family name, While I use my maiden name None of my children carry my Surname, (The Wilkinson name )And my brother has no children and neither does my cousin  the family name will now die out  when my brother, father and cousin pop their clogs.. Our own brand of Wilkinson’s will be no more…

3. I have met the president of the United State’s, (Carter) Bowled with his Daughter Amy at the White House, I’ve met Prince Charles, Margaret Thatcher and numerous other people of interest… Sooo does that make an interesting fact about me?

4. I’ve only ever had 4 Job’s in my life…
1st  was at the British Embassy in which I started off in the roll of a Messenger and Worked my way up to Communications with the GCHQ Department.
2nd I worked for Bearsted tool Supplies 3rd I worked for a Local radio Station both in Advertising and Presenting.
4th  IT industry

5. I’ve had 8 children,  6 boys and 2 Girls… that does include one set of Twin’s… Not interesting to some but hey I consider it my best achievement which brings me on to interesting fact number

6. We all have a Super Power and Mine is making Humans 😆

7. Today 19th January is my 26th Wedding anniversary.. However I haven’t lived with My Husband for 10 year’s and not seen him for the last 8

8. Continued from fact number 7… I have Terrible Choice in men!!

9. I have no particular favourite Colour but I do prefer some more than others! Purple, Red,Blue,Black, are top of the list, but not in any kind of order

10. I only wear yellow,rose Gold, I can’t stand Silver which is just as well as I am allergic to Silver so can’t wear it anyway.. I don’t even like white Gold or Platinum because to me they are just equivalent to wearing expensive silver lol

11. I am Fat.. not interesting but sadly a fact! (Although I do have plans in the great scheme of life to change this fact)

12. I am a non smoker… This is True and something I am now very proud to say!

13. I can curl my Tongue… (apparently not everyone can do this)

14. I have a thing for big guys, The 6 pack does nothing for me I much prefer the keg! while I don’t like the king kong monkey look I also can’t stand this shaved/bare chest look either..

15. I am a Hoarder who lives with a Hoarder

16.  I have WAY too much knowledge of children’s shows. I critique them all and promote to my siblings the ones I think are of the highest quality. 😆

17. I believe swearing is the most amazing way to accentuate a point.

18. I am strange, and have been duly noted to have a dual personality. The EVIL me! 😈  👿 😆

19. I have a very dry and morbid, sick and Dirty sense of humour most of the time.

20. I don’t sleep well. My body clock was accidentally thrown out at birth.

21. I’m a self-declared insomniac. I can be up for 18+ hours as long as I don’t see any sunlight. The sun makes me sleepy.

22. If something is not worth doing well, I don’t need to do it at all.

23. I hate stupid people…,

24.  I easily get irritated…,

25. I’m a female computer geek, always called upon to solve my family’s and my friends’ computer problems.

26. I always say people never change, they just wait for the appropriate time to show their true selves.

27. I have this weird tendency (my friend pointed it out to me years ago) to smell things that interest me : /

28. I’m usually somewhat pessimistic, but still can be hopeful at times …

29. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart but I know better that to expect that  true love and fluffy clouds kind of stuff  is going to come to me in real life, so I leave that to movies & books

30. I appreciate honesty, but I don’t like Jerks.

This has taken me all day to think of facts so cut me a break 😆 Like I said They wouldn’t be interesting….

Recent picture of me! Very Rare... Taken last summer by my friend.


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