School’s why do they do it to us?

I’ve had a lot of white wine. I’m sitting here with a hot Iron and no fingerprints because Irons and I don’t mix well we have a long history of hate between us.

And let’s not even talk about the introduction of alcohol into the equation. Whee!

But what’s a mum to do when she’s leaving her poor defenceless offspring in the hands of her not-so-hapless partner but drink a lot of white wine and create the best damn space/flight kind of costume imaginable. Well not so much create a costume but create the ambiance of flight.  Give their Teachers the satisfaction that I can indeed send them to school on dress up day with something connected with anything that flies, i.e. bird, aeroplane, rockets or anything spacey, i.e. alien, astronauts, planets.

Yep the School have what is called Dress up Day on the 21st of January and I am in the process (allowing for a break here) of making not only one but two  items  of clothing that will be connected with the above for the youngest male members of the family..  Boy spawn 1 and 2

Will they appreciate it… I doubt it..


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