30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 5

Day 5- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to


I have been to so many places all over the world so I thought I would put a few pics on today…

Yes I know they are bad quality photo’s, they are scanned from 110 negatives and of course some are about 30 years old..

The White House Washington DC

I have been to Washington Dc, I lived not far away in Maryland…

I worked at the British Embassy in Washington DC and I loved it there 🙂

Horseshoe falls at Niagara

I have been to Niagara Falls Many Times, Its my favourite place and I have to say I would love to go back there if I could get over this flying phobia..

(one day I will go into that one 🙄 )

Taken from the top of the Empire State Building in New York

I have been to New York on many a weekend and I’ve been in and out of the World Trade centre more times than I can remember..

I remember thinking when those planes crashed into the side of the twin towers, If that had happened years ago I could of been in there!

Harrier jump jets on the Deck of HMS Hermes.

Me and my mate Leona taken with a couple of the Matelot’s from HMS Hermes

If you look closely you can see that i scanned the wrong side of the negative and the writing is back to front on the cap opps!!

There are many many places I have been all over the world but I have to say I loved Washington, Niagara, and New York I would love to go back and see what they are like now.. maybe one day!!


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