If your Burgled contact the local Paper… And this is what you ask them to publish..!

Someone I know next door neighbour was recently broken into..

This happened during Broad Daylight while they were out shopping.. My friend at the time was in at the time and never heard a thing.

What made me laugh was the advice given to her neighbours.. By a cyber friend

They should post a notice in the newspaper.

We would like to inform the public at large that we were burgled for the second time. We feel quite guilty for we had been using a new chemical to clean certain items we owned. At the time we used… precautions in its use, however we have since learned that the chemical used when it comes into contact with the skin may cause a rare form of skin cancer. The problem is that the symptoms do not appear for a period of 7 weeks, yet if treatment is not sought by the proper medical authorities within 5 weeks, it is fatal. Since learning this we have properly treated our belongings to remove any risk but item that were taken during the time we were burgled may still be at risk of infecting those who come in contact with them. We publish this as a public service so those culpable will have time to seek medical attention before it is too late.

Then the medical authorities can report to the police those who panic and seek treatment. Those parties are the perpetrators of the crime. lol

Personally I thought it was really funny…

Mind you Having CCTV like we do does come in handy…

Every time something has gone missing both from inside the house…

(mobile phone twice in the period of a year) and yes I got it back both times… 😆

and the shed being broken into… again saw exactly who did it and one day.. or should I say one very very dark night…

You see I’m not one of these people who actually call’s the police…

Personally I think it’s a waste of time and they let the thieving little toe rags get away with it or should I say the courts do very little..

Justice is much better when maybe a week later, Maybe a Month, Maybe even a Year or two later, Said thieving git meets with a nasty accident. 👿

My second oldest son once was knocked over by a hit and run driver who actually mounted the path when he his my son… John was about 14 at the time… Nasty broken collar-bone plus other injuries… anyway, I took him to hospital he was kept in while they sorted him out.

I immediately did a little investigation of my own and not only found out who hit my son but also where he was, I drove round there… invited him into my car with the aid of a crow bar if memory serves me correctly..

I had all plans of taking him to boxley woods and inflicting similar pain on him that he had done on my son, However I was informed.. by the joys of a mobile phone, That someone had seen me pick him up in the car  so instead I drove him to the closest police station that was open at 11pm which was Gillingham, I delivered him and explained what he had done..

Personally I would much rather of dealt with him my way!!


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