30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 8

Day 8 Short term goals for this month and why

Hmmmm This is a tough one As  January is already more than half-way over

(when did that happen?)

Right lets see…

Survive today, because surviving is good.

Get This 30 day Challenge done in 30 days… Reason being… It would be nice to actually finish something..

Remember to collect my repeat prescription before I actually run out of Metformin

Again reason is obvious I need medication but am terrible at remembering to get repeat prescriptions.

Actually that’s a lie… My chemist now automatically puts in for a repeat prescription for both me and Allan every month.

I just have to remember to go and collect them!!

I know cleaning is a daily task and may not seem like a short-term goal, but I think it’s more of the after-Christmas-getting the kids back to school-cleaning-and-organizing.

If I can get everything done the way I want it within a month, to me this will be my biggest accomplishment.

My new shed arrived today which will be the extension to my kitchen.. In other words all the bits and pieces that clutter the kitchen will be stored in the shed.

He never got round to putting up the conservatory so after three years of it all being stacked up in the garden I got fed up waiting and have now ordered a shed…

We got rid of the conservatory the other day which is just as well as I was told I would have 48 hours notice of when it was going to be delivered… that was yesterday.. the shed came today!!

So yes… The last short term goal is to get the house sorted now christmas is over and the boys are back at school..


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