30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 9

Day 9 Something you’re proud of in the past few days


My Boys but then I am always Proud of them,  No Seriously they behaved so well over the weekend. Little angels..

I’m proud of myself as yet again I have managed to hold my tongue and not start world war 3 on the home-front with the father (it’s getting harder and harder everyday)

To all those people who say I should be thankful for each and every day I have with him Bearing in mind he is 77 then they should try having him round their house each and every day.. from sometimes 7am (average 9.30am) to at least 1pm  EVERY DAY!!  If I tell him I have plans for they day, am having someone round for a chat or am going to get on with things he still comes round.

Take Saturday.. Allan was finishing early because Andy was coming round to help him sort the electrics out on the landrover and trailer. The old man had been round since 8am but still sat there once Allan had got back.. He was waiting until Andy got here just to be nosey… trouble is Andy wasn’t coming round until at least 4pm. In the end we had to pretend that Andy had something come up and couldn’t come … then it still took half an hour before the old man left..

Nothing is private in this house.. he even picks up the mail from the front door and even went to answer the door the other day..  told someone Allan wasn’t in and then shut it… errr hello… I live here… Its my house… I could maybe of helped whoever was at the door.

Any way… I Digress…

He blatantly sat there when we were watching a film run spot run yesterday just before dinner and he turned the channel over to the bowls championships without even saying a word as if it was his house and his TV.. 😡 But no I was good,  well we were recording it on the Virgin box anyway.. but i just told the boys loudly they can watch the end of the film later and that its was lucky I was recording it and they could watch it as soon as granddad had gone home!!  The old man didn’t even bat an eyelid..

I should have written this yesterday but it was a case of once the old man had eventually gone home,  boys watching end of film, then bathing them and making sure they had done or finished any homework set for the weekend, then teatime.. while they watch “Got to Dance”  I hate these type of programmes but the boys love this one so I allow it lol

Then peace fell upon the household and they went to bed… Me I sat in the armchair and  relaxed with a nice glass of wine..

then later on in the evening… caught up on a few bits on FB… cafe, farm, frontier and city  Man I need to get a life……


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