30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 12

Day 12- why you decided to start blogging


Hmmm Good Question,

Im not sure really,

Someone suggested it would be a good idea.

And a couple of people I know are regular bloggers.
I started blogging in 2009, just because I wanted to have a place to write down event’s thoughts, worries, post some pictures, play some meaningful tunes etc.
At that time I didn’t go on  facebook as much as I do now,

maybe if I had of used facebook to chat on , I would not have started a blog..
Facebook  became more popular especially with my close friends and for a while, between that and freegle and my usual busy daily life my blogging almost came to a standstill.  I have  purposed this year to blog everyday or at the least once a week.
It is therapeutic just to sit for a few minutes and put something down.
I find its a bit like talking to yourself…

But some days its just helps to get things written down even if you know no one is ever going to read it lol



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