30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 13

Day 13  A letter to someone who has hurt you recently (not mentioning any names)

Well, I must be lucky.

I can’t think of anyone who has hurt me  RECENTLY

(By recently does that mean in the last few days, week, or Month do you think????)

I think this entry is going to be a fail for me.

If we can go back about 2 or 3  months maybe………… just maybe………..

Dear ********
You probably have no idea that you did hurt me .. And I’m in no position to complain…

Ok If Im honest You’re Probably not even reading this anyway 🙄 As far as I know you don’t even know about my blog…

For that Im actually quite relieved at times..

Right where was I???

Oh Yes I remember, compared to the amount of hurt I inflicted on you years ago, the hurt you have inflicted on me, Well It’s nothing…

But for you to not even say Happy Birthday to me last November for some silly reason  that really really Hurt..

Especially after the message the year before…..

But It did good in a way as It has brought me back down to earth with a bang and made me appreciate my life now.

I made a fool out of myself………..  (nothing new there)

But I have picked myself up and Life is going on… and its starting to get good!!


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