My Mind is going Mad!

my mind has had too much time on it’s hands since the boys have gone back to school, and when my mind has too much time on it’s hands it starts teaching me things. For instance,

I’ve learned that if I ever want to drive my other half certifiably insane, all I have to do is hide the remote control. And if he ever wants to drive me certifiably insane, alls he has to do is spend the whole day tearing the house apart searching for the remote control.

I’ve also learned that maybe there aren’t little elves who come out at night and hide all of our important papers and stuff. At least my other half’s s not buying that argument anymore. Not since he started digging through the rubbish looking for the remote control.
“I WOULD NEVER THROW THE REMOTE CONTROL AWAY!” I told him again and again.
To my credit, he didn’t find the remote control in the rubbish bin, he found it in between the cushions on the sofa. He did, however, find the lucky dip Lottery ticket for the next draw in the Rubbish, as well as a box of  Migraleve  I purchased  not 3 hours earlier.

The same Migraleve  I signed my name in blood for and swore on a stack of Holy Bibles in front of God and the chemist that I would not use for illegal purposes or take to many of them as I had already bought two boxes this week. (im stocking up because I can never find them when I do need them or I run out of the Yellow when I need Pink and vice versa)
It’s not illegal to throw Migraleve away, is it? If you do it by accident?
You’d think my mind would be sharper with so much time on it’s hands, but in my case, less truly is more when it comes to mind control.
Do you think I need a brain girdle? Seeing as how I doubt even I could buy one big enough for any other part of my body!


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