30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 18

Day 18 Plans/dreams/goals you have
Or future aspirations As I prefer to call it.

I don’t usually like talking about plans and stuff because I’m always afraid of jinxing it.

I’m always afraid that whatever I plan might not work out the way I had planned.

I’m not trying to be negative and it’s definitely not something I hope for, but I’m just saying that there are a lot of things that can happen along the way that can change the plan.

I’m really more of a go-with-the-flow and whatever-happens-happens kind of person.

Planning things just adds so much pressure and make things complicated, for me that is.
Ultimately I want to be Happy and that is all that matters.

But obviously I have a lot of dreams and goals too
I would say my Dreams far outweigh my Goals so I will only list a few Dreams, but here we go…
I of course like I think everyone else *unless they already have one* dream of having a huge house with loads of rooms and space…
This would be so handy of course, Living with a messy hoarder does take its toll…
I Dream of going back to Niagara falls one day..
And the most important thing is I dream of all My children and Grandchildren together even if it was just for one day, for one photo even,  but I know that is just a dream
Mind you there are many normal families may have that dream and it never happens after all organising a large family to get together can’t be easy..
I dream of getting back into a size 12…….. Yes folks that is a dream.. that will NEVER happen..
I dream of winning the lottery…. and not just £7.16  Ok the biggest win I have , about £100 but that was on a scratch Card..  Mind you It would help If I actually played the lottery now,

I stopped years ago when they changed it from once a week,  Allan occasionally picks up a ticket when the jackpot gets huge on the Euro Millions.
I dream of feeling settled,
Ok onto Goals…
We all make them, we all try to reach them, we all sometimes fail. Every person has a different set of goals in their life.

Some people want to save money to buy a house, some people want to travel all over the world.

Goals are an inevitable part of our lives and will always be.

That’s about it.
I’m not a big long-term goal maker, so this will have to do.
My Goal is to lose weight….  No I’m not stupid enough to think I will get into that size 12,
My Goal is to get the house decorated,
My Goal is to live with someone who not only remembers my Birthday but actually gets me a card 😆

My Goal is to live…


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