Facebook and Social Networking… How much time I spend now and before……

I am the first to admit I am addicted to face book,

At one point I had two accounts one for real people and the original one for gaming which I had about 2000 friends on ,

I stopped using it and in the end deactivated the account,
I have used and still have non active accounts with other social networks, MySpace, Tagged, Bebo,

Even a new one called twaddlenet.com Which while the concept is good, no one I know is interested in joining and I have tried convincing everyone I know, and its one of these ones where you must have friends there to interact with 😦
fantastic if you don’t play games though and just want social contact and to be fair its just starting up… check it out its well worth it… look for vampira … that’s me 🙂

Anyway back to social networking sites, you name them I’ve joined them, most of them I never really liked..
until I found Face book,
Ok I admit im a bit of a games addict and in my spare time i do tend to play the meaningless mind numbing games, such as Farmville, Cityville, Cafeworld, and Mafia War’s and occasionally Petworld there is a theme going on here they are all ZYNGA games, ok I do the odd one occasionally like scrabble and zuma blitz but not on a regular basis.
The thing is I am now on high enough levels for most of the “Z” games that I can leave them ticking over and pop on for 5 mins and that’s them sorted.
Now when I first started using FB more often I was on it constantly, every spare min I had I was opening up a browser and popping on fb to see whats going on, do some quest. ok I liked a lot of the blood series games and I think it’s when they went that I kind of lost interest in the gaming side of Facebook.
I detest Facebook chat… Maybe it’s because I’m an unsociable cow.
I think it’s because when I had it turned on every time I popped on with a few spare min’s to reply to a personal message from someone or to just have a quick look at what’s going on in FB world, the chat box would pop up and someone would be waffling on, not wanting to appear rude I would reply.. and then im stuck there.. the fact that my quick five min break had now taken half an hour talking to someone meant something else didn’t get done. Fb does have chat lists where you can make to make yourself available to people but how do you choose who to put in the want to talk to and the don’t want to talk to list…
I gave up in the end.. I turned it off for everyone. If I need to chat to someone live I will turn it on see if they are on-line and become one of those people who send annoying chat messages so they now have the choice on whether to ignore me or reply
I’m not just being unsociable on Facebook equally I don’t use MSN or YAHOO chat expect when I need to chat to someone.. maybe once every 6 months..
anyhow back to where I was ..
How much time do I spend on Facebook..

I would have thought about an hour or two a day.. some people said a lot more… so I have timed myself over a week writing down how long i have been on fb every day..
I was actually surprised..
I would say in the past I spent at least 4 hours a day on Facebook alone.
Timing every second I was on fb during the days.. The longest time spent on Facebook on any day was 22 mins.. the shortest was 6 and a half mins… and the average was about 10 mins
So am I a  Facebook addict ???
I would still say yes because I always pop on and off every day..
I’m nosey I like to see what my friends are up to!!

Edit:  Ironic really, The evening I posted this blog Debbie created a group a little secret society on facebook for us older mums to chat.. Im trying not to get drawn in to much because I dont want to spend hours on facebook but I have to say its hard work


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