30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 22

Day 22 What makes you different from everyone else

Today the me-me demands to know what makes me different from everyone else.
See now? that’s just a flawed question.

I don’t KNOW everyone else and I don’t know the nuances that make up each of their idiosyncratic personalities.

When I was in my late teens-early 20s I had the urge to be different, to be incredible.

I think as I’ve grown older I’ve realised that everybody feels like that at that age.
These days I’m completely happy to just be me. I’m happy if that’s similar or the same as someone else. I am happy with myself as long as I am happy – and if I’m not happy, I’ll take the steps necessary to change that.
I guess that’s what makes me different.

I’m content so long as I’m happy, and I don’t demand too much to make that way.

I’ve experienced severe depression and the biggest lesson I learned from that experience was that if I don’t like something, change it – that nothing is out of my hands, and if it is, perhaps there are bigger changes I need to make in order to bring my world into balance.
I have learned to listen to myself – when I’m tired, when I’m stressed, when I’m angry, when I need time to myself and when I need to get out of the house.

Sometimes I manage to lose my grip, but for the most part I come back, I adjust and I’m happy again.

Happy to me is feeling like I’m on the right track, like I’m not over-extended and that I’m fulfilled.
BUT! here are some things which make up the Ann that I’m choosing to share with the internet:
First and foremost.. So that’s what makes me different: I’m happy, and I don’t need anyone else to keep me that way.
I have an abnormally shaped peanut head (for someone without anything akin to a diagnosed microcephaly).
I have large eyes. And an odd shaped mouth. I have never been able to wear that sexy red lipstick that looks so great on everyone else.
I look younger than my age so I’m told, I don’t feel It.. Personally I put that down to the fat.. It fills out the wrinkles.
I am overly verbose.
I am terrible at crosswords and scrabble and my grammar is atrocious .
I am an experimental and quite good cook and baker.
I am very morbid maybe it’s from having to identify more than 2 bodies in my lifetime 😦
I hate people who describe themselves as “foodies”.
I am Sarcastic at every opportunity
I love the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
Now while I’m sure that people share a lot of these features … I doubt if anyone shares ALL of them.


And thats what makes me Unique 😆


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