OOpps Caught Right Out…..

Caught in the Act

Have your kids ever caught you doing The Deed? Yes, I’m talking about THAT Deed.

One night a few weeks ago , my 7-yr-old knocked at the Bedroom door.

“Mummy? What are you doing?”

Crap. This child was supposed to be asleep.

What do you say in that situation? Do you give them the facts of life? Do you tell them that you were just wrestling? Giving back rubs?

The latter is what I settled on. Okay so maybe I’m a coward, but I believe in age-appropriate sex education, okay?

And in my opinion  SEVEN is way too young to learn the mechanics of the birds and bees.

Get off my case already!

Oh… you weren’t on my case?

Well, just in case you were getting ready to get on my case, just don’t even go there, OK? Are we understanding one another?

I’m glad we settled that little, uh… misunderstanding. Ahem.


This  Morning,

The same 7-year old said to me,

“Mummy, next time when you give daddy a back rub, could you be a little quieter?”

“You woke both me and Ali up!! “

I’m starting to wonder if the cost of building a soundproof chamber in my bedroom would offset the therapy this child will probably need someday.


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