30 Days of Me in a lifetime! Day 24

Day 24  A letter to the person you had your first crush on.



Dear *****
You were my First Love,
If I’m honest You were my only TRUE love,  You always have been, You always will be.
But People change and you are not the person that I loved when I was a teenager, the same as I Have changed now,
I still think about you, you know. I still wonder why things happened quite the way that they did. There’s such a thing as respect but we were too young to realize it then.
To be fair, I never really told you how I felt. Then again, you never told me either. We were too Young to understand I think, and I was too stupid and just walked away. It’s true what they say You never know what you have had until you lose it,
To say “I don’t miss you”, would be misleading. To say that “I wish it worked out”, would be  more like the truth. Nothing went as planned and everything worked itself around my poor judgment.
I let you down twice….. Well more than twice no doubt but I made two humongous mistakes,
One going off with your Friend and Two leaving when I found out I was pregnant and not telling you.
I don’t expect you to forgive me for either, I don’t forgive myself.
But to say “I never think of you”, would be cold and untruthful. I do, still think of you, and wonder how you are if I haven’t heard from you.

I know things in our lives have changed but you are and always will be my Soul mate and I hope that you will always be my Friend.
we know we can’t go back in time. I doubt either of us would want to.
But I’m glad you are still in my life.. and still my friend despite everything I have done to you.
I may not be in love with you but I do and always will Love you x


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